Open your door to tango!
If you let me come and stay over, I’ll give you private lessons in return.

For you, it’s a chance to take intensive classes and improve your tango in a short time without spending any money.
For me, it’s an opportunity to travel and meet the American queer tango community, visit new places and become more comfortable with my English.

« Taking private lessons opens a new perception on yourself and the quality of your tango. »

I want to travel for many reasons.

If I had to share just one, it would be that I am ready to experience other ways of living and thinking. To walk down new paths and bring more diversity into my life.
I would love to come face to face with a culture that is so similar and yet so different.
I’d also be delighted to share my experience as a tango dancer and teacher, and introduce my teaching methods to other countries. I always learn a lot when I pass on my knowledge.
I hope America will be the very first stop on a long journey through the world of queer tango.

But one step at a time!

This journey will begin around October 2023. No one knows how long it will last.
Let’s dance through life, listening to the opportunities, music and encounters that meet us along the way.

And keep faith in every step!


What I want!
Nothing other than what you want. I’m independent, I can fill my days easily and I’ll respect your space and your time.
And only if it makes sense for you, I’d be happy from time to time to share dinners, visits, discussions and to meet people.

What I need!
I’d be delighted to have a single room and internet access.

These are just three proposals, please feel free to suggest other ideas!


Intensive Sharing#1

☆ You offer me a room
☆ I offer you 1 hour of private lessons per day
☆ 2 days on / 1 day off


Intensive Sharing#2

☆ You offer me a room and one lunch per day
☆ I offer you 1 hour of private lessons per day
☆ 3 days on / 1 day off


One shot! You’re near a place where I’m staying. I give you a lesson and you…

☆ Take me to a place you enjoy
☆ Invite me to a restaurant you like
☆ Offer something to share in return



Learning steps as a tool to help your axis, posture, abrazo, connection… anything that brings you closer to the very essence of tango.

In-depth bodywork for conscious movement. Your tango steps will become more precise, more natural and more beautiful.

Putting all together
Technique on one side, your personality, background and body on the other… blending all these dimensions will help you express your sensitivity and creativity in YOUR tango.

I can teach Leading and Following to beginners as well as advanced dancers.


Celine Tiberghien - Professeure de Tango

©Camille Collin



Max 30 people – Several hours to several days
☆ Full immersion in a particular theme linked to anything that makes up the body of tango.

☆ A way of perceiving, feeling and visualizing tango steps and concepts through a different prism that will complement how you learn normally.

☆ A space for exchange, mutual listening and diversity, where we’ll enjoy dancing, interacting and simply being alive.


Max 6 people – 2 hours

☆ A workshop that offers you the best of both worlds – a group dynamic and two hours of close attention from your trainer.

☆ An opportunity to experience in-depth learning and a format that is very similar to a private lesson, depending on your needs and level, and to have the space and time to put personal instructions into practice with different partners.


1 or 2 people – 1 to 2 hours

☆ Individualized instruction tailored to your technical and personal needs.

☆ An opportunity to become aware of blockages and find suitable solutions.

☆ A space you can discuss your doubts, and ask and find answers to your questions.

☆ A unique experience that will take you further on your dance journey.

« Welcome to the crossroads of tango and mindfullness, where you will lighten your steps, enrich your dance and enhance your very being »

La Vie en Rose - Echos Tango

©Camille Collin


« There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask,
“what if I fall ?”
Oh but my darling, what if you fly ? »

Erin Hanson


Céline Tiberghien, a Queer woman, dancer, artist and tango teacher.

What tango means to me

Beyond the pleasure of dance and movement, I think tango is a unique journey towards an in-depth knowledge of yourself and your relationship to others.
The search for connection, the sensation of being simultaneously light and grounded, and the ability to express my entire being lie at the heart of my passion for this dance.
My teaching is strongly influenced by all these key aspects, and also by the individuals who practice the dance.
It seems to me that there are as many tangos as there are tango dancers…


2013 to present – Director of Echos Tango
2016 – 2019 – Founder and coordinator of Collectif Queer Tangolibero
2016 – 2019 – Dancer-performer and choreographer of the Tango and Burlesque Duo Edith & Marcelle
2015 – 2016 – Co-organizer of the La Vie en Rose international Queer tango festival.
2010 – 2012 – Co-founder and teacher of Tango Queer in Paris alongside Miranda Lindelow.


You’re queer. Or a straight woman interested in learning to Lead in Tango.
No straight cis men. Thank you.


I’ve been leading for 13 years as my main role, but I’ve also been following for 10.

I’d be thrilled to practice occasionally with of the same level, if possible, and explore any other artistic opportunities that might arise.

La Vie en Rose - Echos Tango

©Théo Van Meegeren


Special thanks to Karen, Kevin, Cécile, Sylvie, Isabelle and Yasmine for all your help and support!